I feel so fortunate that Jordan and Linas found me. I just love their story. I drove down to Chicago to photograph their engagement session. Despite the traffic and the half hour to find a parking spot, we started off with having drinks. What better way to settle in and get know each other. 

This is a love story with years in the making, and with persistence, it paid of. Jordan and Linas actually met like 10 years ago in Detroit, at a work function. Their encounters were like something out of Groundhog Day. Rinse and repeat. Jordan kept introducing herself, "Hi, I'm Jordan." Now their stories differ slightly. He says, he remembered her every year at the work functions, and she kept introducing herself as "Hi, I'm Jordan."

One year, they even had extensive conversation, to which she doesn't remember. Then finally about 3 years ago, it clicked. It only took a St. Patrick's Day party at a friends house. Over time, she fell in love with him, and it was the little things like making her waffles that she truly felt a deep love for him. Linas says it was her compassion and the way she was with children that he truly knew she was the one. It's all about the little things I learned with these two. Simple tee shirt gifts and he was melted, making her waffles and his classic impersonations and humor. 

This collection of images really was easy for me when I get to know my couples. They just naturally show their love and affection, all I had to do was capture and craft it with beauty. I'm really looking forward to their big wedding day this year!