Scott and Christina - it's rare when the groom coordinates the wedding photography and typically when that happens, it just becomes an instant click for me. I remember the last groom who coordinated his wedding pics and we became close friends over the years. Scott was one of those grooms who asked a million questions when I was interviewed. The more questions the better, it allows us to connect better and that we did. I've always believed, the better the connection, the better the images I make.

The thing I noticed with these two was this genuine playful affection they have for each other. Christina just glows with a huge smile and warmth and Scott just has this amazing charisma you instantly gravitate towards. When you view these images you can truly see this. We shot these at Blandford Nature Center, which I have always felt delivers this beautiful warm light over the tree tops. The best part about these two, is their desire to collaborate with me. Heck Christina was excited to walk in the water, get eaten up by bugs and endure the session. Client collaboration truly helps build amazing images and I'm so grateful I am a part of their lives to make this legacy.